Change is in the air…

It’s been a long time, huh? I’d almost forgotten that I had this website. But that doesn’t mean that you all have forgotten me.

In the eight or so months since I first embarked on this journey, I’ve had the privilege of working with many amazing authors. It’s also helped supplement my income in some very helpful ways. And with all that success–though it seems like a bit of an oxymoron to say so–comes the feeling that maybe I ought to be doing things a little bit differently.

A couple of clients have told me recently that I should set a fixed price for my services, instead of the amorphous set-your-own-price model, because, quote, “I’m running a business.” And the more I thought about it, the more I realized they were right. So as of today, October 26th, 2015, Athena Interior will offer a fixed price for formatting. Check out the new pricing and reasonings here. My goals of helping struggling indie authors provide high-quality books to their readers hasn’t changed, and I think you’ll find that reflected in the new pricing; not to mention, I am still always willing to negotiate if that’s something you find yourself needing.

Another exciting announcement: I have teamed up with the fabulous Marisa-rose Shor of Cover Me, Darling to offer artistic formatting! Yes, the days when I’d have to turn people away because I’m not what they’re looking for are now over. Check us out here, including a sample of our work together.

Exciting stuff, huh?

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